Founded April 2021, Martha's Room was conceived from one single Instagram post during what was a very lonely living situation at the height of Covid restrictions.

My name is Kyle Turpin, owner and sole operator of Martha's Room. It's fair to have assumed that my name would be Martha. That's kind of the point of this. While I enjoy the anonymity of operating Martha's Room from behind the scenes, I thought it important to formally introduce myself in adding context to those who may interact with me in future. The few of you that have met me already typically get the longer version of the following explanation and wish that you would have just read this instead.

Martha is my late nanny [grandmother]. She moved in with my father, sister and I when my parents divorced at a young age. Her self appointed role in our home was to lighten the load for my father who worked long hours and now had the responsibility of raising my sister and I, all the while trying to keep up with his job. Our home was furnished, however her bedroom was hers to do with as she pleased. It was nanny's [Martha's] room.

I continue to work full time and manage the business in every waking hour outside of my '9-5'. I am productive to a fault. Those that know me will tell you how accessible I make myself to this business despite it not being my only priority.

I am single and I am sober. This is important only in demonstrating how much spare time I have to dedicate to Martha’s Room. That would be a joke if it weren't true.

I operate out of a storage facility [majorly a holding for queued project pieces] and my home in Oakville, Ontario [about 25 minutes west of Toronto]. Hence, I am not open to the public. Viewings are by appointment and item[s] specific.

I don't pretend to know or understand everything about vintage furniture, much less design. I simply trust my taste and often shoot from the hip. I am learning every day and continue to humble myself in the fast paced world of interiors.

I rely on a network of upholsterers, carpenters, leather refinishers, delivery/shipping companies and sometimes my mother, for help when needed. Outside of that, this business is every bit an extension of me and an homage to the memory of my late nanny and the special relationship that we had.

Below are a few images from a 'day in the life', taken by my good friend, Jordan Mill.